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Re: If not to Guild . . .

>          Earl Daffyth --
>          If I wanted to start a hypothetical group that would focus
>          on performing a craft, teaching others to do this craft and
>          recognizing those who do the craft -- all within the context
>          of the SCA -- then what would I call it besides The "Craft"
>          Guild?  Can you give me some alternatives?  I know that I
>          can rely on you.
>          Sincerely,
>          Lady Thalia Paleogina

I apologize if I am butting in on a private conversation, as this would
appear to be from the salutation, but it was posted for all to see...

No one has yet addressed my suggestion of "company" -- how would
it fit in this usage? Or was it dismissed because it was utterly invalid
and stupid (which would be fine, I just wish people would tell me when
I'm being stupid...)?

Also, what's wrong with just using the place and description of the
craft for a name (e.g., "Rochsburie Vintners" or "Bright Hills Singers")?
That would seem a pretty practical labeling system...

branwynn ottersby
ground zero and waiting...