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The evil P-word: GEOGRAPHY

Oops, non sequitur not intended... just a note on geography and how it
relates to principalities.

Several kingdoms of the Known World include parts of states. Atlantia and
Meridies share Georgia; Ansteorra and the Outlands share Texas. (Both, I'll
admit, are very one-sided sorts of sharing.) Caid and the West split both
California and Nevada between them. There is *nothing* that says principality
borders (or even kingdom borders) MUST follow state lines. Whether it is
desirable to do so is another matter entirely.

Now, about this tierced-roughly-per-bend arrangement: I myself have often
seen the partition of Atlantia as being FOUR parts myself, but from talking
with gentles I would appear to be very much in the minority on this.
Regarding specific groupings, however, I'd certainly want to leave the
matter to the populaces involved. Drachenheim (formerly Drakken Leira, and
soon to be Drachentor if the name change passes Laurel) is currently a
Protectorate of Sacred Stone by treaty; I don't think I'd want to separate
them, so to maintain contiguity either Hindscroft or Black Diamond has to
go with Sacred Stone and Drachenwhatever.

Just my 2 tarnished pence worth.
Evan					dmontuor%telenet.UUCP@uunet.uu.net
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