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Re: Re[again]: An Old Earl...

Unto all to whom these presents come, yaddayaddayadda.

In self defence, after being called Old (and worse still, had
others throw SYMPATHY at me) on this forum, I have unilaterally
decided the following:

Recent History is defined as being anything that happened AFTER
	The Trial of Count Guido

Ancient History is defined as being anything that happened BEFORE
	The Reign of Dafydd and Elizabeth

and the period between these two events is referred to as "History".

Note that the period of "Ancient History" is further subdivided in
many sections, although scholars disagree about the exact lines of
delineation.  One such subdivision is described below; this is by
no means the only one.  (Note, also, that to argue at length about
the proper delineation of "Ancient History" is a defining attribute
of the truly ancient, who sip their possets and sit by the fire
talking about events that nobody remembers until senility claims
them, if it hasn't already)

The calendar delineation given below is the one commonly used by
third and fourth-generation scions of the Oldcastle Clan.  (The
second and first generations objected, but were not able to prevent
its general acceptance, and have been sulking with their possets
by the fire for a while now)

Defining Event			Approximate Date
Beginning of Ancient History	A.S. I

Invention of Dirt		First Reign of Gyrth and Melisande

Invention of Stew		First Reign of Richard and Anne

End of Ancient History,		Reign of Dafydd and Elizabeth
beginning of Modern History

This calendar delineation is convenient and consistent for Oldcastle
internal usage, as it dates things according to the Generation Gap
(what generation of Oldcastle fighters won Crown).  So the period
between Dirt and Stew (casually referred to as "before Stew") is
that after Gyrth (1st Gen) won a Crown, but before Richard (2nd Gen)
won a Crown.  The period between Stew and my reign (when Richard,
Baudoin, and Klaus won Crowns, all 2nd Gen) is Ancient, but not 
totally lost in the mists of Time, and after my reign (when I and
Galmr, both 3rd Gen, won Crowns) is Modern History.

It is likely that this delineation will be modified when the first
4th Generation Oldcastle wins a Crown, but we don't have to worry
about that yet.

Unhappily for Ianthe, and some others who have spoken up, that
puts you clearly way before Dirt.

Dafydd	(who joined the SCA after the invention of Dirt but before Stew)