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Re[again]: An Old Earl...

     Richard added to the silly discussion of relative age:
>Greetings from Richard! (who learned some fighting from Ianthe!)
>Gracious lady, I have some distressing information.  It is common
>practice to date Atlantian recorded history from Gyrth and Melisande's 
>reign (in Atlantia!).  This makes both of us pre-history!
>Diccon (who remembers when Dafydd  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)

    To Richard, greetings in reply!
    Actually, remembering the way I used to fight, it makes us both 
    Know any good sources for used armor, cheap?  I'm getting ready to inspire 
    laughter again.
    And what the heck did Daffyd X anyway?  And why did it take him so many XX's 
    to do it?
    -Ianthe, Sword Matron 
    (that's a Shield Maiden after she's calved)