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Re[3]: An Old Earl...

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    : bmorris@nacac.nacac.com_at_INTERNET at ~X400
  In a silly discussion on relative age, I wrote:
  >>p.s.:  This does imply a certain paradox because (by the same logic) Duke 
  >>Frederick of Holland, is my son, and is widely known to pre-date dirt.  
  >>Yet I am also younger than he.
     The silver-tongued Keilyn replied:
     >Ah, but Madam, as with all Great Ladies, you shall never be 'old', 
     >however many generations shall pass....
     >(And when you figure two generations a year, we're working pretty hard 
     >at it!!)
     >Official Court Flatterer
     >(And probably one of the few here whose 'racial memory' goes back to 
     >your reign.:-)
     Hmmm.  I can see the sign now:
        "Quality Court Flattery since AS XII, no appointment necessary."
     No wonder you're good at it after so many years of practice.  <smile>
     Also, I'd heard so much about the miracle of Stierbach water, I 
     figured Atlantia would be having three or four generations per year by 
     -Ianthe                            kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
     (determined to sip cautiously)
     p.s.:  Actually, the main reason Fernando and I can be ancient without 
     being old is that we were the next to last in the long line of Eastern 
     Teenage Monarchs(tm).