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Let's divide Atlantia into three Principalities

Greetings Merry Rosers,

I know that this subject is a little out of place, but I want to kick the 
discussion off with a bang.

I purpose that we create three principalities in Atlantia, dividing 
Atlantia in three part per bend, roughly (have you ever noticed that 
Atlantia is shaped something like a joosting shield?).  Please note that 
I have not formally asked any of the southern or middle groups whether 
they would be interested in this idea, so don't flame me on that point.

This is what I suggest:
	Southern Principality:  Nottinghill Coill, Hidden Mountain, 
Sacred Stone, Drakkenheim, Border Vale Keep, and such North Carolina 
shires as would be appropriate.
	Middle Principality:  Windmaster's Hill, Black Diamond, Caer 
Mear, Tir-y-Don, Marinus, Berley Court, and such North Carolina shires as 
would be appropriate.
	Northern Principality:  Storvik, Ponte Alto, Stierbach, Isenfir, 
Highland Foorde, Roxbury Mill, and possible Bright Hills (In 
consideration to their expressed feelings, I leave out Dun Carraig and 
Lochmere ;-)).

Why this division you might ask?
	This is the division, roughly, of the Atlantian army.
Why is Drakkenheim in the South?
	They were sponsored by Sacred Stone, and play with them more
	(correction of facts or opposing opinions from Drakkenheim welcome)
So why isn't Dun Carraig in the Middle, with their sponsor Caer Mear?
	Sound good to me.
Why is Isenfir in the North?
	Actually, they could play North or Middle, as they wish.
Is each proposed principality strong enough to sustain itself?
	I think so, but comments are welcome.

Next time:  Do we really need a principality?

In Service
Leifr Johansson