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Re: Let's divide Atlantia into three Principalities

Greetings From Richard,

Do you realize that just throwing this stuff out will irritate some and 
really piss off a few?  

> I purpose that we create three principalities in Atlantia, dividing 
> Atlantia in three part per bend, roughly (have you ever noticed that 
> Atlantia is shaped something like a joosting shield?).  Please note that 
> I have not formally asked any of the southern or middle groups whether 
> they would be interested in this idea, so don't flame me on that point.

> This is what I suggest:
> 	Southern Principality:  Nottinghill Coill, Hidden Mountain, 
> Sacred Stone, Drakkenheim, Border Vale Keep, and such North Carolina 
> shires as would be appropriate.
> 	Middle Principality:  Windmaster's Hill, Black Diamond, Caer 
> Mear, Tir-y-Don, Marinus, Berley Court, and such North Carolina shires as 
> would be appropriate.
> 	Northern Principality:  Storvik, Ponte Alto, Stierbach, Isenfir, 
> Highland Foorde, Roxbury Mill, and possible Bright Hills (In 
> consideration to their expressed feelings, I leave out Dun Carraig and 
> Lochmere ;-)).

Just a few of the obvious flaws:

You separate Isenfir and Black Diamond.

You isolate Dun Carraig and Bright Hills.

If you include Bright Hills and don't include Lochmere it doesn't have 
geographic integrity.

You lump the NC shires in "as appropriate" and thereby dodge the very 
thorny issues of where they belong. 

> Why this division you might ask?
> 	This is the division, roughly, of the Atlantian army.

This is not the division of Atlantian Army.  Lochmere is an integral part 
of the group you have coming out of the north.  Black Diamond has been 
fighting with the Cav and in the future, if things turn out right, will 
be a center piece (with Caer Mear) of a new Virginia unit.  Sacred Stone 
and Hidden Mountain and Nottinghill do not fight as a unit.

I think you're showing your northern bias.  All them dixie boys look alike?

> Next time:  Do we really need a principality?

I think you should have started, and ended, with this one.  Not that this 
subject need be ended, just that until there's a consensus on what needs 
to be done, we should concentrate on the Why's and not on the What's 

> In Service
> Leifr Johansson

Boy am I a nudge today!  I must be having a bad day at work.