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The Evil P-word

Severe Curmugeon Alert!  Duke Richard Pontification Warning!

I object.

At some point discussions of political issues becomes beating a dead 
horse.  That point is after people have stopped added new information or 
new ideas or new insights.  Simply rehashing highly inflammatory subjects 
leads to bad feelings without accomplishing anything.  I suggest this 
debate has reached this stage.

Duke Sir Master Curmugeon. :)

> It's getting just too quiet in here again, so I'm going to raise the evil 
> P-word, as Lady Ann of Corbridge is wont to say.
> For my enlightenment, and to try to keep this an orderly and controlled 
> debate, I purpose to start a series of sub-threads with periodic messages 
> (maybe once a week, I don't know yet ;-)) on specific topics.  For now 
> I'll include a list of topics whichI wish to discuss.  If you have any 
> suggestions, please e-mail them to me seperately, and I'll update the 
> list.  I would request, however, just for politeness sake, that we allow 
> each thread to begin in turn before discussing that particular point, and 
> not range widely on every issue in a single message.  Topics as of now are:
> 	Let's divide Atlantia into three Principalities
> 	Do we really need a principality?
> 	Doesn't a principality have to follow a state border?
> 	Do we want more Royalty?
> 	Do we want more Orders?
> 	Do we want more Newsletters? (Lady Thalia's concern)
> 	Do we want more excluded dates for Principality Events?
> 	Where will all the spiffiness come from? (Lord Tadhg's concern)
> 	Doesn't enough opposition exist to kill principalities anyway?
> 	How can we push forward with principalities? (a very tentative subject)
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> Leifr Johansson
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