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Re[again again]: An Old Earl...

Daffyd proposed the following chronology for dating History as we know it:
>Defining Event               Approximate Date Beginning of 
>Ancient History           A.S. I

>Invention of Dirt          First Reign of Gyrth and Melisande

>Invention of Stew          First Reign of Richard and Anne

>End of Ancient History,          Reign of Dafydd and Elizabeth 
>beginning of Modern History

>...Unhappily for Ianthe, and some others who have spoken up, 
>that puts you clearly way before Dirt.
     In this case, I wish to announce that as one of the Ancient Ones, I 
     have taken retroactive option on "Dirt, the Concept".  I hold it via 
     exclusive lease from Frederick of Holland, who was on the design team 
     for Dirt 1.0.
     Those wishing to sling dirt (tm), dig dirt (tm), tell dirt (tm), or 
     get down and dirty (tm), must subliscense from me.  ;)
     (Who was eliminated by Morgan Elandris in the second round of the 
     age-defining Crown won by Gyrth)