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Re: Re[again again]: An Old Earl...

>      In this case, I wish to announce that as one of the Ancient Ones, I 
>      have taken retroactive option on "Dirt, the Concept".  I hold it via 
>      exclusive lease from Frederick of Holland, who was on the design team 
>      for Dirt 1.0.
>      Those wishing to sling dirt (tm), dig dirt (tm), tell dirt (tm), or 
>      get down and dirty (tm), must subliscense from me.  ;)
>      -Ianthe
>      (Who was eliminated by Morgan Elandris in the second round of the 
>      age-defining Crown won by Gyrth)
   Hmm, given how long dirt has been in the public domain, it could make for
an expensive and interesting court case!  :-)
   Perhaps you would know the answer to a question which came up at Pensic
this past summer:  When they (y'all?) were doing the feasability studies
on dirt, how did they miss what happens when you get it wet? :-)

--Landi (Who also predates dirt, but wasn't involved in the project!  :-)