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Re: The Evil P-word

His Grace writes

> Severe Curmugeon Alert!  Duke Richard Pontification Warning!
> I object.
> At some point discussions of political issues becomes beating a dead 
> horse.  That point is after people have stopped added new information or 
> new ideas or new insights.  Simply rehashing highly inflammatory subjects 
> leads to bad feelings without accomplishing anything.  I suggest this 
> debate has reached this stage.
> Duke Sir Master Curmugeon. :)

I beg your forgiveness Your Grace but I can not accept your assertions.  
Numerous individuals of a neutral bent on this issue have told me they 
await a calm and detailed discussion on the merits and demerits of 
establishing principalities.  I have given time for passions to cool on 
this issue, and think it not unreasonable to start again.

I certainly hope you're not suggesting that we may never again speak upon 
an issue simply because you have in the past been upset by pervious debates?

In Service
Leifr Johansson