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Re: The Evil P-word

Greetings to Leifr and the rest of Atlantia Net,

At the expense of appearing to agree with Richard (and worse yet, Dayffd):

[cropped for brevity]
> > At some point discussions of political issues becomes beating a dead 
> > horse.  That point is after people have stopped added new information or 
> > new ideas or new insights.  Simply rehashing highly inflammatory subjects 
> > leads to bad feelings without accomplishing anything.  I suggest this 
> > debate has reached this stage.
> I beg your forgiveness Your Grace but I can not accept your assertions.  
> Numerous individuals of a neutral bent on this issue have told me they 
> await a calm and detailed discussion on the merits and demerits of 
> establishing principalities.  I have given time for passions to cool on 
> this issue, and think it not unreasonable to start again.
> I certainly hope you're not suggesting that we may never again speak upon 
> an issue simply because you have in the past been upset by pervious debates?
I believe the point Richard was making was that nothing substantial has 
changed since this (sometimes vociferous) discussion was dropped.  Certainly
there will come a time when it should be again dicussed in detail.  It has
been talked about, on the average, about once every 2 years for at least the
last 10.  Trotting it out now, with nothing new to add,  will only serve to
further irritate those opposed to the idea and numb those on the fence.
Since I doubt either of these is your intention, I would also suggest you
consider dropping it for the time being.

Galmr Ingolfsson.
(Who is happy to *almost* anything other than stupid names for the mailing
 list discussed).