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Re: The Evil P-word


Leifr writes:

> I beg your forgiveness Your Grace but I can not accept your assertions.  
> Numerous individuals of a neutral bent on this issue have told me they 
> await a calm and detailed discussion on the merits and demerits of 
> establishing principalities.  I have given time for passions to cool on 
> this issue, and think it not unreasonable to start again.
> I certainly hope you're not suggesting that we may never again speak upon 
> an issue simply because you have in the past been upset by pervious debates?

You are absolutely correct.  I would suggest that bringing back old 
diatribe is not useful.  If you, or anyone, has some insightful or new 
way of looking at the subject, I'd love to see it.  I just don't want to 
see the same old stuff.

On the Rialto, every so often (at irregular intervals) they bring back the 
issue of what peerage does a master archer belong in.  This subject is 
completely valid for this type of forum.  But, it seems that they say the 
same things over and over.  I would hate to see the issue of Atlantian 
principalities end up the same.  

It packs too much emotional content, and has negative effects.  You'd be 
amazed at how fast one person who says "We need to be separated just because 
the other guys are all red headed republican american beer drinkers and we're 
better than they are" can cause bad feelings and real cultural damage.

By all means, if you have something to bring to the discussion, SPEAK UP!.

Diccon (Who's having a much better day at work today).