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Re: The Evil P-word

Jarl Galmr wrote:
> [bandwidth compression]
> you had the oppurtunity to fall off of it as well (assuming you didn't).  At
> the momment there is no clear advantage to creating a prinicpality here.
> But, there are a number of good reasons not to do it.
I can't let that go...

I do not see the issue in such clearly cut terms. Good reasons have been 
raised against the idea. Likewise, good reasons, even advantageous reasons,
were raised in its favor. Opinions on the "good"ness of reasons clearly
vary. I, personally, favor the concept, and see the good in it. I do not
care to go into specifics here, but I don't like seeing responses that
have the appearance of a bludgeon. Emphasis on _appearance_.

	yours in service,