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Strykar's Hair (was Re: Atlantian History)

Brava!  Well done, milady!

I am as new to Atlantia as you are newly returned.  Will someone please 
point out Strykar to me at the next event, so that I can know which 
little-fringed pate once sported extravagant curls?

It is a problem, hearing people's voices at the tavern but not being able 
to see their faces in the dim lighting.  I was at Twelfth Night and saw 
Sir Daffydd receiving his third (or fourth?) peerage (or, more 
accurately, since I was at the back of the hall, I only saw him lurking 
with his entourage, waiting for his entrance), but I had no idea he was 
the lord I'd heard speak so many times in the Merry Rose.

How I wish everyone wore their names embroidered on their vestments. :-)

(society name in progress...thinking German, maybe Margarete/Margrete/Greta)