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Dim lighting in the tavern

On Thu, 2 Feb 1995, Carole Stoops wrote:

> It is a problem, hearing people's voices at the tavern but not being able 
> to see their faces in the dim lighting.  I was at Twelfth Night and saw 
> Sir Daffydd receiving his third (or fourth?) peerage (or, more 
> accurately, since I was at the back of the hall, I only saw him lurking 
> with his entourage, waiting for his entrance), but I had no idea he was 
> the lord I'd heard speak so many times in the Merry Rose.
> How I wish everyone wore their names embroidered on their vestments. :-)
I most heartily agree, and would like to propose a solution.
Not a perfect one, but if done enough times, maybe it could 
approach that.  What I would like to propose is a get together.
The next big event that I will be at (not counting Storvik's
Baronial Investiture because I'm autocratting that) will be
University.  Yes, Henry, I realize this is no good for you,
but then again everyone sees you at University anyway and
can get to know your face that way.  I'm not saying that we
don't want you, just that we'll catch you next time around.
Anyway, I'd like to propose that sometime during University
the people of the Merry Rose get together.  We can either
do it during a class period (not a very good time), or
during lunch or dinner.  I'm open to suggestions.  What
does everyone else think?

In service,
Lord Kendrick Wayfarer
Storvik, Atlantia
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