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Atlantian History

    To all who have shared the ongoing teasing among leading members
    of Atlantia and a recently returned Countess, apologies for what

    I think there's a Teaching Song in all this quasi-historical

    First of all, please know that I am honored to count Sir Strykar
    as a friend since AS single digits.  He danced at my wedding, and
    I have trusted him with the lives and honor of my (then) underage
    sisters.  I have long admired his sense of humor, and I pray that
    he still has it.

    - Ianthe.

The Exile's Questions
  or Since Strykar's Hair Turned Grey


I've been gone from these fair lands
For twelve years and a day
What's happened in Atlantia
Since Strykar's hair turned grey?


My lord King pray tell me
of deeds of men and land.
What news of treaty, men and war
Since Strykar's hair was grand?

    "There's no time to chat with you
    Yon herald go do ask.
    More than a score of Barons
    To placate is my task.

Gentle Queen, what changes here
Are found in what you do?
Is there more honor, grace or arts
Since Strykar's hair was new?

    "My lot's the same as always
    It would be that of course
    But I now sew a thousand favors
    For the grand Atlantian Force.

My sweet Mother, Duchess -
What's this on getting tossed?
What travails have befallen you
Since Strykar's hair was lost?

    I blush to answer you my child
    The people's will was plain
    I flew an airy galliard
    But honor's yet unstained.   

Honored Sir do tell me now
Of might, and men and steel
What warlike courses fought here
Since Strykar's hair was real?

    Lady I would tell you
    It's good that you inquire
    Those that are the Dukes now
    You once knew as "Squire."

Lady Knight I dance in joy
To see you so en-spurred
How many of you are there
Since Strykar's hair was curled?

    Alas, we are still new and rare
    And proudly bear our welts
    Perhaps time and goodly training
    Will bring more women belts.

Master Laurel, Master Laurel
What new arts enrich the land?
What new talents burn with light
Since Strykar's hair was near to hand?

    The arts have prospered well here
    In Atlantia-by-the-sea,
    Our accomplishments do flower
    And Laurels swarm like bees.

My lady Pelican what services
Are now rendered to the folk?
What selfless acts do here abound
Since Strykar's hair became a joke?

    We labor hard, we labor long
    To make the Kingdom grow
    Still we work, mostly unseen
    But not unfelt, we know.

Oh fencing Don what do you do
With bell and point and cloak?
What weapons work is newly born
Since Strykar's hair went up in smoke?

    I thrust, and jump, and parry
    And whip around and flirt
    And shun heavy, smelly armor
    That hides my lace-trimmed shirt.

Oh, sweet little children
How you do romp and play.
Are your numbers growing,
Since Strykar's hair began to stray?

    We count as many as the stars
    (And we hear our mothers cursed
    The strength of Stierbach water)
    Since Uncle Strykar bred the first.