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RE: The Evil P-word

Lord Richard La Rochelle writes:

A very great deal, in fact.  Thank you Richard, I agree that Lady Ann of 
Corbridge deserves at least a Golden Dolphin and possibly a Pelican.  And 
I am sorry that your eye still hurts, as I fondly remember your being my 
one victory at my first Emerald Joost.

As for what you wrote on the subject.
> The discussion of a principality have been in the past IMNSHO  addressed
>  in the context of geographical rivalries.  Somebody ought be paying 
> attention to the
> very REAL problems in Atlantia, both political and functional.
Well, you're jumping the gun a little, but I would like to say that I 
don't think principalities are or should be a solution to political and 
functional problems in Atlantia.  I think that they simply would be fun 
(remember FUN guys ;-)) and that they would give more people an 
opportunity to serve and enjoy the SCA, Kingdom, and their groups.

> #>       Let's divide Atlantia into three Principalities
>  Why?  What will it improve?

Read other posts, please.
> #>       Do we really need a principality?
> No not especially.  What we need are Marshals, Chirugeon, Chronicler, 
> Castellan/Chatelain, Heralds, Autocrats,etc.
Very perceptive, but I'll get into that next week.

> #>       Doesn't a principality have to follow a state border?
> No its organization has to make sense:
> i.e.1) WV panhandle, MD (Dun Carraig optional), DE, Ponte Alto and Stierbach
> 2) VA less Stierbach and Ponte Alto, Most of NC with I-95 and that other EW 
> interstates as a guiding line.  Dun Carraig optional at their preference.
> 3) SC, GA and NC south of the EW interstate.
Actually, I think to divide North Carolina through a north/south axis, 
putting each barony into a different principality.

> #>       Do we want more Royalty?
> Hmmm..... don't really much matter unless it adds something good.
Royalty is always a potential for good.  The potential is not always 
filled, but it is always there.

> #>       Do we want more Orders?
> Why?  Different pigeon holes to recognize people?  Maybe if people wrote
> more letters of recommendation (mea culpa here) We wouldn't NEED them?
I'm not sure, as I have been advised by more experienced people then 
myself, that mor LoR's is a solution to the lack of elevations to 
existing orders.

> #>       Do we want more Newsletters? (Lady Thalia's concern)
> Why not?  Especially now that the Acorn is starting to get solidly 
> organized.
> Vivat to the Chronicler and Vivant to the Volunteers you are doing a good 
> job.
I'll take a yes any day.

> #>       Do we want more excluded dates for Principality Events?
> Not necessarily.  The Calender around Storvik is kinda packed, and
> Wind Masters, Hindscroft and Sacred Stone have the potential to be
> just as active, what with all the cantons and all.
I think this is a very important implementation issue that needs to be 
addressed at length, at another time.

> #>       Where will all the spiffiness come from? (Lord Tadhg's concern)
> #>       Doesn't enough opposition exist to kill principalities anyway?
> #>       How can we push forward with principalities? (a very tentative 
> subject)
> These are a matter of resources.  Rather than striving beyond our reach, why
> not cultivate the contacts of the 250-400 people whose participation in the
> northern and central region is limited to one or two events a year?
Ah, cultivation, now there's the rub.  I'll get back to you on that.

In Service