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Re: Borders

His Grace and His Excellency have been kind enough to include us in their 
discussion of borders and the division of the Kingdom, re:

> Dafydd wrote:
> >> There are clearly situations where the creation of borders (Principality
> >> or Kingdom) is, in the long term, a good thing.  If we can form a
> >> characterization of situations where it might be good, and when it
> >> might be bad, we may then be able to see more clearly whether our
> >> current situation fits any of the criteria.
> To which Diccon responded:
> >I would suggest this is an oversimplification.  Borders can not be lumped 
> >into the categories GOOD or BAD.  All borders create problems.  Wouldn't 
> >it wonderful if they could all be eliminated.  But, borders are a 
> >necessary evil.  One of the borders Dafydd mentions, Meridies-Atlantia, 
> >has permanently stolen almost half the wind from the sails of the poor 
> >ship Border Vale Keep, no matter which side of the line they are on.  

to which Dafydd responded:
> Of course it is a simplification.  The affects of every border are going
> to change as the groups around it evolve.  But you can't hide from my
> point by calling borders a "necessary evil".  By "necessary evil" you
> clearly mean that borders do some bad, but sometimes we need to have
> them for other reasons (which we obviously consider good).  So you
> are saying that sometimes borders do more good than evil, right?  (If
> not, please lend evidence to your thesis regarding the total dissolution
> of all borders and amalgamation into SCA-pangea :^)
> Which was exactly my point.  Borders do some good things, and some bad
> things, depending upon the situation and the point of view.  If we can
> characterize what these effects are, then we will be able to apply the
> characterization to our current data set:
> 	Atlantia, internal Principality(s), hypothetical.
However, both His Grace and His Excellency have decided to view the 
principality issue as being one of dividing the Kingdom.  I think we are 
better served to view the principalities as algumation (that's grouping, 
Diccon ;-)) of Baronies and Shires.  I am not proposing to divide the 
Kingdom with any long term intent to break it up.  I think Atlantia is a 
perfect size.  I just think it is very densely populated and that 
creating a level of group above the Baronial/Shire level would be 
beneficial and FUN.

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