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Re[8]: An Old Earl...

>Is this Duchess Ysabeau, now married to Earl Laerd (sp?)?
>If so, here's a question: had she been tossed by the time you stepped
>    TOSSED?  Like a salad?  A sheared sheep?  A shuttlecock?
>    What is this world coming to when my honored Mother can be flung
>    into the air by passing ruffians?  And I not there to defend her!

The story (told to me, admittedly, by someone who was not there at the
time) goes that, many years ago, in Storvik, they were dancing "Toss
the Wench".  Around and around, until Ysabeau reached Igor Bear.
Light woman, strong man--up, up, up she went!

The dance is now called "Toss the Duchess".  :-)

At least, that's what I was told.  It may be an urban legend, made up
to explain "Toss the Duchess".  Please don't exact any schticky
vengance on Baron Igor without confirmation.  :-)

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