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Re[8]: An Old Earl...

    Francoise Thibault of Blak Rose inquires about my return from

If I might ask--what triggered your return?

    The Rialto.  I missed the SCA for a long time, but had fallen so
    far out of touch I didn't quite know how to return.  I ran across
    the Rialto, and on it Duke Vissevald, my lord Fernando's
    sword-brother (and prep school classmate).  The three of us
    rekindled old ties, and he dragged us to the Pointless War.
Is this Duchess Ysabeau, now married to Earl Laerd (sp?)?
If so, here's a question: had she been tossed by the time you stepped

    TOSSED?  Like a salad?  A sheared sheep?  A shuttlecock?

    What is this world coming to when my honored Mother can be flung
    into the air by passing ruffians?  And I not there to defend her!

>                               and Strykar had a lovely head
>     of black curls.

His own? :-)

    Of course.  He'd never stoop to Rental.