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Re: Atlantian History,

    Francois, a sweet young thing, bats his eyes in surprise:

<astounded stare> You mean earlier Pennsics weren't at Coopers' Lake?

    Pennsics I to V were held on rented farmland, without amenities.
    (One may have been in a State Park, but my personal memory only
    goes to V, and Don Fernando's to III).  My mom didn't let me go to
    IV. :)

    At V, the battles couldn't be seen for the woods and trees.  It
    was very hot and dusty.  Water was in a tank truck parked at the
    entrance to the main road, about a mile from the majority of the
    camp sites.  I spent the whole weekend carrying water for the head
    of our household who was a nursing mother at the time.  Women were
    not yet allowed to fight.  There were no merchants or other
    diversions beyond our own fires and the half-hour Court.  There
    were about 500 people there, total.

    I spent the weekend hot, bored, bug-bit and miserable.  And swore
    I wouldn't go to another Pennsic unless I could fight.  A month
    later word came from On High that women could authorize.  I did so
    in short order (against the rules, I had been training in secret
    with my household).  The next war I attended was VI, I was Queen
    and I fought.
    Excuse the mutterings of an Ancient