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Re: The Evil P-word

Leifr writes:

> It seems to me, off hand, that His Grace and Your Excellency have jumped 
> to the conclusion that there is nothing substantive to be added to the 
> debate, before the debate has begun.  I can't promise that we will be 
> talking about anything new, except my proposal for three principalities, 
> but then I'm not the only person involved in this debate.  I certainly 
> hope we don't get vociferous again, and I am certainly trying to avoid 
> raising the heat in this discussion, but it does not mean I intend to stop.
> As you point out, the principalities issue has been raised roughly every 
> two years, yet Atlantia has no principalities.  So obviously, if we want 
> to establish principalities, we have to debate the issue more often then 
> once every two years.
Here you repeat yourself (for a third time? I forget and don't save these 
posts).  You seemed to have missed the point in my response.  It was dropped
in the past (including last years attempt) due to lack of support.  Talking
about it more is not exactly equal to trying harder.

You purpose splitting Atlantia in prinicipalities is like inventing fire.  
Having a way to make fire has it's clear advantages: heat, and light even
when the sun is down.  Clearly a "Good Thing".  I liken the principality
issue more to mountainclimbing.  A handful of people find it a moral 
imperitive to climb to the top of a mountain.  And the advantage is...?
Well, you can say you got to the top.  Well, great, you could also say
you had the oppurtunity to fall off of it as well (assuming you didn't).  At
the momment there is no clear advantage to creating a prinicpality here.
But, there are a number of good reasons not to do it.

Just so you won't be the only one talking about your 3 prinicpality concept:
I think it only provides a way to avoid some of the counterarguements made
last fall to the northern principality issue.  Sort of like broadening the
war so losing one battle won't mean all is lost.  We haven't heard from anyone
in the South on this topic yet.  But, I am sure someone lurks from the South
who remembers the numerous southern attempts at principality (which failed 
for similar reasons).