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Re: The Evil P-word

Your Excellency,

You have raised a issue which I hope to deal with in the future, so I 
wont' reply to all of you missive now.  Rest assured that I will try to 
answer all of you points in the future.

> > As you point out, the principalities issue has been raised roughly every 
> > two years, yet Atlantia has no principalities.  So obviously, if we want 
> > to establish principalities, we have to debate the issue more often then 
> > once every two years.
> Or, provide an obivous advantage to going through with the process.  At which
> point it will gain enough support to deserve serious consideration.  The debate
> has, in the past, been raised out by people out of current political favor.
> And have usually only gained a small number of supporters before their
> enthusiasm died out.  While, due in large part to your person energies, the
> last attempt went much farther than the others, it still failed to convince
> many people that this was something that needed to happen at all much less
> right now.
There are a number of individuals who have assured me they are currently 
neutral on the principality issue, and wish to see a debate on the matter 
before making up their minds.  So I am trying to provide that debate, as 
well as trying to find out the positions and arguements of those people 
in opposition to establishing principalities.  After all, I too can be 
persuaded by reasoned arguements.

In Service
Leifr Johansson