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Re: The Evil P-word

> It seems to me, off hand, that His Grace and Your Excellency have jumped 
> to the conclusion that there is nothing substantive to be added to the 
> debate, before the debate has begun.  I can't promise that we will be 
> talking about anything new, except my proposal for three principalities, 
> but then I'm not the only person involved in this debate.  I certainly 
> hope we don't get vociferous again, and I am certainly trying to avoid 
> raising the heat in this discussion, but it does not mean I intend to stop.

I must have missed something over the holidays, could you emunerate for me
which of the conditions that has changed since we last visited this topic.

The three principality topic is ... interesting.  But, one thing you might
wish to remember in your musings is the end result of such a process must
appear to either solve an obvious problem or codify existing travel trends
within the to gain necessary Corporate support.  That assumes, of course,
that the rest of the Kingdom is interested in such an enterprise.

I applude your attempt to be courteous on this topic but, that doesn't mean
the discussion will stay that way.  We have already established that
reaction to the P-word topic has a high emotional content.  Couching it
in nice words doesn't preclude it from pushing buttons.
> As you point out, the principalities issue has been raised roughly every 
> two years, yet Atlantia has no principalities.  So obviously, if we want 
> to establish principalities, we have to debate the issue more often then 
> once every two years.

Or, provide an obivous advantage to going through with the process.  At which
point it will gain enough support to deserve serious consideration.  The debate
has, in the past, been raised out by people out of current political favor.
And have usually only gained a small number of supporters before their
enthusiasm died out.  While, due in large part to your person energies, the
last attempt went much farther than the others, it still failed to convince
many people that this was something that needed to happen at all much less
right now.