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re: The P-Word (kind of long)

     Good day to the assembled company!
     After a bit of reflection on the proposal and response, I figured - 
     what the hell, jump right in!
     I have just a couple of points - 
     First ...
     As far as I know I am the only resident of Lochmere roaming the net - 
     but that may have changed.  Most of our computer types work for an 
     organization with a decidedly one-way view of communication, but who 
     knows what they're doing at home!
     I would say - don't leave Lochmere out of your theories, or proposals. 
     The feeling and position of Lochmere at the end of the last round was 
     - "We are not interested at this time."  That was our response to 
     reasons being presented, but it doesn't mean the group won't 
     reconsider it's position. Besides, how would we ever develop a new 
     opinion if we are left out of any theories or musings.
     Second ...
     So far it looks like a dive has been taken straight into mechanics.  
     How to break up the Kingdom.  I'm personally still waiting for why.  
     So here is what I would like to see from Leifer and anyone else who 
     would like - 1 to 5 personal reasons for or against.  Not group 
     reasons, not rhetorical reasons - personal reasons.  Why do you think 
     it would or would not make the game more fun.
     In the interest of fairness, I'll start.
     I don't think we need a principality because:
     1.  It causes hard feelings between people, particularly when people   
         think it's a plot to keep north and south separate.
     2.  We see the royalty fairly frequently in my group and it's harder 
         to plan around them (time for court, delaying meals ...) Another 
         set means we'll probably see them even more.
     3.  We have a large number of Baronies.  More hats would take 
         away some of the Baron's and Baroness' flash and importance.  
         (For instance I got to use my own Baronial Throne only once as 
         Baroness - all other times I was outranked!)
     4.  It encourages people to play within a smaller area by placing more 
         events in direct competition with each other.(This one is pretty   
         easily debated - people play where they want to play.  But when I 
         was just starting out I sampled places and events all over.  If    
         there had been a principality it would definitely have influenced  
         my attendance.  I like many choose my group's events first, 
         Kingdom events next, what ever looks interesting in the kingdom 
         next, whatever looks interesting anywhere after that.)
     5.  I hate change I don't think it's broken, so why are we fixing it?
     These are my reasons.  I would like to see others reasons.  I do not 
     want to see my reasons debated, they are mine.  What are yours.