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re: The P-Word (kind of long)

Thank you Lady Siobhan for your input.  I won't reply to it all now, but 
will save some for latter.  I hope you don't mind.

Lady Siobhan wrote:
>      I would say - don't leave Lochmere out of your theories, or proposals. 
>      The feeling and position of Lochmere at the end of the last round was 
>      - "We are not interested at this time."  That was our response to 
>      reasons being presented, but it doesn't mean the group won't 
>      reconsider it's position. Besides, how would we ever develop a new 
>      opinion if we are left out of any theories or musings.
With your kind permission then, I propose including Lochmere in the 
Nothern Principality, and thus allowing Bright Hills to be part of the 
same Principality.  As for Dun Carraig, I propose that they poll, if they 
wish, to see if they wish to become part of the North, the Middle, or 
stay seperate.

>      Second ...

>      So far it looks like a dive has been taken straight into mechanics.  
>      How to break up the Kingdom.  I'm personally still waiting for why.  
As I mentioned to his Excellency, Earl Dafydd, a lot of the oppostion I 
have heard to the Principalities has been based on implementation 
issues.  Therefore I would like to discuss how we propose to implement 
the principalities before asking whether people support or oppose it.  It 
seems fairer to me to have a fully drawn out proposal for people to 
consider, first.

>      So here is what I would like to see from Leifer and anyone else who 
>      would like - 1 to 5 personal reasons for or against.  Not group 
>      reasons, not rhetorical reasons - personal reasons.  Why do you think 
>      it would or would not make the game more fun.
I'll be glad to add that to my list of subjects, and repost yours when we 
discuss them.

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