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Principality discussion moratorium (was Re: Principalities etc.)

Hear, Hear for a forum to illuminate the positive rationale for dividing
fair Atlantia!

May I propose that for a period of time, say one week, anyone with a
positive reason for creating Atlantian principalities be allowed to
post their opinions _without_ discussion. The following week may then
be the anti-principalitists turn to air their reasons. No discussion
of the previous weeks posts, just the reasoning for opposing the split.

After the two weeks, there may be open discussion, argument and counter

The major reason that I propose this is that in previous incarnations
of this topic, the discussion very quickly got bogged down in 'he said...,
no I really meant...'. Lot's of heat, very little light.

The principality proponents deserve to be heard, as do the counter


>> Greetings from Richard!
>> principalities in the great kingdom of Atlantia.  So explain to me, in 
>> one syllable words, in what ways would our SCA experience be enhanced by 
>> some Prin. that couldn't be gained by some other, less painfull, route.
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