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Arms passage

Unto, Dominus Herveus d'Ormonde, Triton Principal Herald, Kingdom
of  Atlantia, do I send greetings.


I appologize for bothering you with this but it has been some time now and
I haven't heard anything on it.

I submitted my device at Pennsic and have yet to hear of it in any way. I have
not seen it go from Kingdom to Triton nor come back. It has been 7 months
and several folks have submitted at the same time or after and have recieved
results. I understand that mine might be taking longer for some reason. What
I am looking for is some sort of confirmation that it was not lost and 
that it is

Name (previously registered) Ld. Micheal Ryan of York

Device: ( i do not know the heraldic terms)
quarterly green and black with two golden arrow heads, pointing up, above a
golden Scallop.

Any light you can shed on this situation would be greatly appreciated.

My thanks to you Lord,

Micheal Ryan