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Re: Atlantian History,

>-William de Montegilt is now just a name from history.  If you were to
> tell 99% of Atlantia that Elizabeth Beaufort (my lady) was once married
> to him, they would say "NO WAY!"

Don't believe him. William is not just a memory -- I have the chocolate
to prove it... :^)

> (of which I am one) have been knighted, and are in the process of
> transferring their knowledge (such as it is) to *their* squires in
> the form of pain in the seat of the pants.

Those that they can catch, that is...

>-Strykar had a lovely head of black curls?  You're shitting me!  No Way! :^)

This one also left me dumbfounded!!! Pictures? Perhaps a .gif file that 
can be downloaded from somewhere? 

branwynn ottersby
Atlantian by Birth, Outlandish by Accident, ap Gwystl by the Grace of God