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Atlantian History,

Unto fair Ianthe, Dafydd sends warm greetings.

You write
>     Then I have been in Mundania since "WAY before Stew."  Imagine my 
>     culture shock upon returning only a couple of months ago.  

I will attempt to update you on happenings in fair Atlantia since your
disappearance.  I'm sure you will have heard some of this news, or seen
it with your own eyes, but here it is nonetheless.

-Atlantia is now a Kingdom

-what is the Baka-Lingian Mafia?  (I probably don't want to know)

-Pennsic is now 5x as large as you remember

-William de Montegilt is now just a name from history.  If you were to
 tell 99% of Atlantia that Elizabeth Beaufort (my lady) was once married
 to him, they would say "NO WAY!"

-The tribal knowledge of leg blocking still goes on, but Richard has
 been knighted, as has Badouin, and both of them transferred their
 knowledge (such as it was) to their squires, and four of their squires
 (of which I am one) have been knighted, and are in the process of 
 transferring their knowledge (such as it is) to *their* squires in
 the form of pain in the seat of the pants.
-Strykar had a lovely head of black curls?  You're shitting me!  No Way! :^)