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Re: Atlantian History,

     Daffyd attempts to bring enlightenment to befuddled Ancient:
>I will attempt to update you on happenings in fair Atlantia since your 
>disappearance.  I'm sure you will have heard some of this news, or seen 
>it with your own eyes, but here it is nonetheless.
>-Atlantia is now a Kingdom
     This was evident even back then.
>-what is the Baka-Lingian Mafia?  (I probably don't want to know)
     Shhh.  I shouldn't have mentioned it.  For all I know, they're STILL 
     everywhere.  ;)
     Actually, it was the informal name for the great bonds of good 
     friendship between the people of Bakhail and Carolingia - the most 
     lasting manifestation of which was the blessed marriage of Gyrth and 
     Melisande.  The truly ancient among you may still have related 
     footnotes citing Chateau Moose, Edward of Crofton, Casa Magnifica, 
     Bishop Geoffrey, and the history of dance recreation in both of those 
>-Pennsic is now 5x as large as you remember
     I've seen the overheads.  When Bishop Geoffrey got back from scouting 
     out the site prior to Pennsic VI, the first Coopers' Lake war, he 
     reported back to Fernando and me that Duke Dagon du Derragon's 
     (spelling) estimation of the site being able to hold between 500-800 
     people was generous.  Much of the land now apparently occupied by 
     people was under corn and/or cows then.
-The tribal knowledge of leg blocking still goes on, but Richard has
 been knighted, as has Badouin, and both of them transferred their 
 knowledge (such as it was) to their squires, and four of their squires 
 (of which I am one) have been knighted, and are in the process of 
 transferring their knowledge (such as it is) to *their* squires in
 the form of pain in the seat of the pants.
     This is as it should be.  As ye receive, so shall ye hit the heck out 
     of your squire's tender places.
-Strykar had a lovely head of black curls?  You're shitting me!  No Way! :^)
     He did!  He did!  I was there!  I saw it.  I even have photographic