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Re: Re[5]: An Old Earl...

Ianthe writes:
          According to Vissevald (who during his second reign, enacted 
          the East Kingdom law limiting fighting to 18s-and-over) there 
          was one last one after us.  
          He made a loophole in the law that in effect said that 
          fighters who had participated in previous Crowns as under-18s 
          were exempt and could continue to fight before their 18th 
          He calls this the "Hanno Law", so I assume it was Hanno who 
          went on to win a Crown before his 20th birthday.  

Hanno won the crown tourney that Vissevald held in his second reign,
I think.  At that time I was in Mehrqwod, which was a Barony of the
East Kingdom; I fought in that Crown (and was knocked out in two
straight, as I remember).  The two finalists were Barak Elandris Sir
Hanno and Barak Elandris Sir Hasdrubal, as the scions of house Elandris
styled themselves, so the running joke was that the winner was sure
to be Barak Elandris Sir Ha.

Hasdrubal had lots of problems with his broken whatever (thumb? wrist?)
and (I think) Hanno eventually won.  I have no idea how old Hanno was at
the time.

For those who wish to date this event, it was right around the invention
of Stew.  Richard had just or was just about to win his first Crown, and
was Prince of Atlantia, Olaf was King (his first reign).


P.S. I forgot to mention the final fillip to the dating process I
described.  The very important date, Atlantia's becoming a Kingdom,
is commonly referred to as "WAY before Stew".  This event subdivides
the pre-Stew period as follows:

Invention of Dirt(tm)	Gyrth and Melisande's first reign
Atlantia becomes a Kingdom
Invention of Stew	Richard and Anne's first reign

This nomenclature, slightly altered, was used by archaeologists in
naming the old stone age and the new stone age.

For history buffs, here is a pop quiz.  Date each of these 
events according to the dating nomenclature:

1. MRqd becomes part of Atlantia (prev. East)
2. Bordervale Keep becomes part of Atlantia (prev. Meridies)
3. Black Diamond becomes a Barony
4. Marinus becomes a Barony
5. Sacred Stone becomes a Barony
6. Windmaster's Hill becomes a Barony
7. An Tir becomes a Kingdom
8. Trimaris becomes a Kingdom
9. Calontir becomes a Kingdom
10. the last Diamond Joust is held
11. Storvik holds its first Novice Tourney
12. Atlantia was last on the losing side at Pennsic

Some of these are rather tough... :^)