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Re[7]: An Old Earl...

Daffyd writes:

>I forgot to mention the final fillip to the dating process I 
>described.  The very important date, Atlantia's becoming a Kingdom, 
>is commonly referred to as "WAY before Stew".  This event 
>subdivides the pre-Stew period as follows:
     To Dafydd from Ianthe -
     Then I have been in Mundania since "WAY before Stew."  Imagine my 
     culture shock upon returning only a couple of months ago.  
     Who ARE all these people?  (The armies fielded at the Pointless War 
     were bigger than those at Pennsic VI.)  I recognized only four people 
     out of close to 200 at the University of Atlantia - Leighare, Ysabeau, 
     Gyrth, and Melisande.
     When I left, Atlantia was poised to become a Kingdom; the Baka-Lingian 
     Mafia had infiltrated everywhere; I knew every Eastern fighter (and 
     most Atlantean ones) by name, weapons preference, and school or style 
     of fighting; the East didn't go much further north than the southern 
     end of New Hampshire; Pennsics numbered less than 2000 inhabitants; 
     this whole D.C. area was "Storvik"; William de Montgilt was the only 
     one fighting in a carapace; Badouin was wildly proud of himself for 
     just having learned how to "bug the heck out of the enemy"; Richard 
     was FINALLY blocking Gyrth's leg blows; and Strykar had a lovely head 
     of black curls.
     Since I haven't experienced the intervening 12 or so years, I feel 
     like a walking time capsule.  12th night in 1982 was only an event or 
     two ago for me.
     Anyone willing to help a bewildered and Ancient Countess by supplying 
     a high-points-only whirlwind tour of history?