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Re: Principalities (long & rambling)

Quoth Razmus:

>  <snip...>
>    And I have a second reason, unrelated to borders, for being
> predisposed to not wanting principalities.  Being the shy, nervous
> sort, I'm made brass/tin hat dodging a bit of an artform.  I'm almost at
> the point where I can make eye contact with a baron.  Knights I don't
> know don't throw me into nervous fits (much) anymore.  But
> Princes(ses), Kings, Queens, Dukes, Duchesses, Counts, Countesses, etc
> - I try to bow politely and clear out with all polite haste.  (My mind 
> goes to mush, my knees shake, etc.  Ya think maybe I take stuff to 
> seriously? ;-)  I'd prefer not to have more important people to get
> nervous around...
   Not to worry, you'll get over it!  Back when I was a young feller, 
my second or third event, in fact, I was sneaking a smoke out in the 
parking lot when this guy comes up, bums a cigarette, and chats for 
a while.  Later on, we get set up for royal court, the same guy comes
in wearing a brass hat, sits up front and starts holding court!  I
haven't been able to get nervous around royalty since...
   (Just to impress you with my old-timer bona fides, this was Sir
Alaric von Rochstern (tho' I've doubtless mangled the spelling! :-).)