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RE: The Evil P-word

>>Severe Curmugeon Alert!  Duke Richard Pontification Warning!
Long Functionalist Counter Argument
>>I object.
So do I and for different reasons.

>>At some point discussions of political issues becomes beating a dead
>>horse.  That point is after people have stopped added new information or
>>new ideas or new insights.  Simply rehashing highly inflammatory subjects
>>leads to bad feelings without accomplishing anything.  I suggest this
>>debate has reached this stage.

The discussion of a principality have been in the past IMNSHO  addressed
 in the context of geographical rivalries.  Somebody ought be paying 
attention to the
very REAL problems in Atlantia, both political and functional.

>>Duke Sir Master Curmugeon. :)
Richard of La Rochelle

#> It's getting just too quiet in here again, so I'm going to raise the evil 

#> P-word, as Lady Ann of Corbridge is wont to say.

Appropos of functional, I'll first throw a grenade, and then finish up the 
with a burst of guilt on my own part.  I believe Lady Ann of Corbridge is a 
and knowing the amount of work she and one other Chirugeon did over a two 
period, carrying the entire Northern Regional event schedule between just 
two of them, and her continuing service causes me to ask: WHY IS SHE NOT A
PELICAN!  The postulated answer is that one should never expect recognition 
achievement, and especially in Atlantia.  Go ahead Flame ON!  My address is 

I have been meaning to get involved in the Chirugeon Program since an injury
took me out of Armored Combat.  Silly me its been two years and I haven't 

#> each thread to begin in turn before discussing that particular point, and 

#> not range widely on every issue in a single message.  Topics as of now 
#>       Let's divide Atlantia into three Principalities

 Why?  What will it improve?

#>       Do we really need a principality?

No not especially.  What we need are Marshals, Chirugeon, Chronicler, 
Castellan/Chatelain, Heralds, Autocrats,etc.

#>       Doesn't a principality have to follow a state border?

No its organization has to make sense:
i.e.1) WV panhandle, MD (Dun Carraig optional), DE, Ponte Alto and Stierbach
2) VA less Stierbach and Ponte Alto, Most of NC with I-95 and that other EW 
interstates as a guiding line.  Dun Carraig optional at their preference.
3) SC, GA and NC south of the EW interstate.

#>       Do we want more Royalty?

Hmmm..... don't really much matter unless it adds something good.

#>       Do we want more Orders?

Why?  Different pigeon holes to recognize people?  Maybe if people wrote
more letters of recommendation (mea culpa here) We wouldn't NEED them?

#>       Do we want more Newsletters? (Lady Thalia's concern)

Why not?  Especially now that the Acorn is starting to get solidly 
Vivat to the Chronicler and Vivant to the Volunteers you are doing a good 

#>       Do we want more excluded dates for Principality Events?

Not necessarily.  The Calender around Storvik is kinda packed, and
Wind Masters, Hindscroft and Sacred Stone have the potential to be
just as active, what with all the cantons and all.

#>       Where will all the spiffiness come from? (Lord Tadhg's concern)
#>       Doesn't enough opposition exist to kill principalities anyway?
#>       How can we push forward with principalities? (a very tentative 

These are a matter of resources.  Rather than striving beyond our reach, why
not cultivate the contacts of the 250-400 people whose participation in the
northern and central region is limited to one or two events a year?

#> In Service
#> Leifr Johansson
#> Committee for Fun Principalities (CFFP), still looking for members.

Out of Service:
Richard of La Rochelle
Its been two and half years and my eye still hurts occasionally.