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Re[3]: Re[again]: An Old Earl...

     Tadhg writes:
  >Greetings to all the merry here assembled.
  >I wonder if Dafydd would postulate an answer to the following paradox:
  >--   It is now Recent History
  >--   2nd-generation Oldcastles won crowns after Stew but before Dafydd
  >--   I am 2nd-generation Oldcastle
  >--   If I win Crown, will it be the second coming of Stew?
  >(make mine venison...)
     I further season the pot:
     Just to note, Stew is ALWAYS better served on the second day.  At least, 
     that's the way I like mine.  
     Fernando's reign was called "The Spanish Imposition." If he were to (Heaven 
     and all Intercessors Forbid) enter again and win, would that be "The 
     -Ianthe                            kim.salazar@em.doe.gov