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Dafydd butchers Richards wonderful rhetoric into: :) 
> >Hypothesis: The insertion of lines between groups creates cultural 
> >barriers and reduces interaction.

Dafydd writes:
> There are clearly situations where the creation of borders (Principality
> or Kingdom) is, in the long term, a good thing.  If we can form a
> characterization of situations where it might be good, and when it
> might be bad, we may then be able to see more clearly whether our
> current situation fits any of the criteria.

I would suggest this is an oversimplification.  Borders can not be lumped 
into the categories GOOD or BAD.  All borders create problems.  Wouldn't 
it wonderful if they could all be eliminated.  But, borders are a 
necessary evil.  One of the borders Dafydd mentions, Meridies-Atlantia, 
has permanently stolen almost half the wind from the sails of the poor 
ship Border Vale Keep, no matter which side of the line they are on.  
(enough hyperbole?).