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Re: Principalities (long & rambling)

Quoth my unheavenly twin (remember those days, Dex?): 
> Hey Landi--
>     Don't forget Isenfir's 2nd-3rd event, 'long about Aonghais the Black's 
> second reign. There was the Chubby^H^H^H^H^H^H Big'Un hisself sitting around 
> about half-crocked, doing a first-hand account of the pigface in the mud 
> at PW 4. And people wonder why I got excessively casual attitudes toward 
> pointy hats...
> 					--Erich
   Forget???  As the Old-timers runs its course, and remaining memories
get fewer and fewer, this may be one of the last to survive!  (Actually
I thought it was a right good story the first eight or ten times he told
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> Disclaimer: This is me, not AFT. They'd freak over some of my opinions...:-)|
   I've been wanting to reply to one of your posts just so I could tell
you how much I admire your disclaimer...