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Re: Atlantian History

[Countess Ianthe's song snipped for brevity but kept for posterity]

Your Excellency,

Brava! Bravissima! Well done and well writ. Never has Strykar taken such
a hit. Surely the lightest of blows to lay us all low with laughter. Your
wit is truly remarkable. Are you sure you're not a Duchess to display such
Grace? I prithee, lend us the tune to which it is written that it may be
performed throughout the land by Atlantia's bards. Better yet, come to the
Storvik Performer's Revel this Saturn's Day at Caer Bear, there to perform
it yourself.

In service,

   Corun MacAnndra   | Enlightenment is not so much making it to Never Never
 Dark Horde by birth |  Land through the secret passageway. It's more like
   Moritu by choice  |   getting off your tail and doing something. - S.Gaskin