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RE: Geography

     Karen Larsdatter writes:
     >  Originally, of course, the Principality of Caid (yea these many
     >   years ago) was composed of the four baronies, Calafia, either 
     >  Angels or Altavia (I can never remember that one, and they're 
     >  pretty much right next to each other), Isles (which has since 
     >  become a  shire), and Dreiburgen, which of course form the anagram 
     >  CAID.  These four baronies form the main corners of mainland Caid 
     >  -- San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Riverside/San 
     >  Bernardino.
     One of the best stories I've ever heard is on the subject of naming 
     CAID.  It was remarked as how there was a great deal of division over 
     what to name the kingdom.  Finally the principal players were told 
     that 'the area above the West is An Tir you are below the West Kingdom 
     and if you can not agree on a name you shall be called Pos Tir'.  
     Apparently they came up with a compromise name right quick!