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Reasons pro/con the P-word

Unto Siobhan and the rest of the Tavern (and even those still out in
the open market in this weather), greetings.

You asked, so I'll try. Here are up to 5 personal reasons why I would
FAVOR principality(ies).

1. Pomp and circumstance. (I know, I'm in a DEFINITE minority on this one.)
   I got into the whole heraldry thing because I really like court. More
   hats would mean more court, and remember - *I* think that can be a very
   good thing. And since I don't live in a Barony, I don't see all that much
   court -- but even when I lived in Tir-Y-Don I always looked forward to
   having Royal Courts as well.

2. Inter-group schtick. This might only come into play if there are more
   than one principalities. Rivalries between principalities could be
   utilized to foster better re-creation in the Kingdom -- as long as a
   spirit of FUN (and even, dare I say, possibly silliness) is maintained.
   With smaller groups (esp. shires) inter-group relationships tend to
   get taken more personally; principalities could provide us a safer

3. The chance for greater experimentation in Big Prize Tourneys such as
   Coronet Lists.

That's all I can come up with at this hour (still at work) and given
this level of brain-fog. Next?