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Re: Luncheons This Month?

Greetings, milord Evan!

> Well, I only know about the Reston/Herndon lunch this month. As Meli 
> said, it's the 2nd Thursday of the month which makes it Feb. 9th, and 
> it will be at the Siam Restaurant in Herndon. 

Thank you for the information--and yay, vivat, poo-bah on the choice of 
restaurant!!! Yum!  pork with peanut sauce, here I come ....

If area gentles have never eaten at Siam, it is WONDERFUL!  They honor 
whatever your request is vis-a-vis spiciness of your food; if you like it hot, 
they can give you anything from campfire to raging inferno.  If you don't like 
it hot, MILD really means mild.  But mild doesn't mean tasteless--just 
perfectly done and not spicy-hot.

> Siam is in the Bank of the Potomac Plaza, corner of Elden Street 
> and Herndon Parkway. Elden & the Parkway intersect twice, so 
> it's important to know that this is the EASTERN intersection, closer 
> to Reston, and not the western one which is where Giant and Intercon 
> are.

Ah yes, the "other" intersection .... where resideth the fine denizens of 
InterCon .... :)
> Hope to see many people there. Meli, bring as many Interconners as you 
> can, okay? 

I've sent out the word!  I'm sure some factor of us will be there. :)
> Evan, wondering where he can find an authorized dealer for Sleep(tm). 

Sleep(tm).... is that a bug, or a feature?  I don't remember seeing a 
functional spec on that one .... :)  When you find it, let me know where and 
how much! 8-0  <wide yawn with eyes bulging ....>