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Re: Dim lighting in the tavern

Lord Kendrick scripsit:
> What I would like to propose is a get together. The next big event that 
> I will be at (not counting Storvik's Baronial Investiture because 
> I'm autocratting that) will be University.  Yes, Henry, I realize this 
> is no good for you, but then again everyone sees you at University 
> anyway and can get to know your face that way.  I'm not saying that 
> we don't want you, just that we'll catch you next time around. Anyway, 
> I'd like to propose that sometime during University the people of 
> the Merry Rose get together.  We can either do it during a class 
> period (not a very good time), or during lunch or dinner.  I'm open 
> to suggestions.  What does everyone else think?

I think this sounds like a great idea!  In fact, University AND Pennsic would 
be good places for get-togethers.  I know there's usually a Rialto party at 
the War, but that's pretty huge nowadays, sometimes hard to track down 
familiar e-voices! :)  And who are we to pass up another excuse to party???

We could call it the Back Room Gathering! :)

Count me for a yes ....

<who really wants to get to know some of these witty, intelligent, funny, 
charming people!>