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Re: Strykar's Hair (was Re: Atlantian History)

> Greetings to the loiterers at Cheapside and the barflies in the Merry 
> Rose from Branwynn Ottersby! 

:-)  And a cheery good-morning to you too, milady!

> The good lady Carole has brought up an excellent point about putting 
> names to faces in our venue. Therefore, I don't see why this outfit 
> isn't expanded to include a web page with links to personal homepages 
> or with imbedded images of all our faces?

I really like this idea, especially since my product just shipped with a new 
Web Client of truly bitchin' proportions .... (ShamelessPlug 1.0 can be 
obtained at Micro Center .... makes your computer spit out randomly generated 
positive commentary about whatever you're working on! <g>)
> Discussion on what to name the new "hall of heroes" is scheduled to 
> begin at once! (Justice League of Superheroes or something...) 
> Suggested posting rate is at least five posts per hour on this subject.

How about something like MerryWeb?  or Webster's?  (oops, that's taken ....)
> But seriously, we might consider having a gathering at a large event so 
> we might put faces to names of those we don't know? (Say, Pennsic? :^)

Yes, yes!  Another party excuse! :)
> branwynn ottersby 
> Feeling her oats today...

What a strange mental image that makes to Meli!  :) :) :)