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Re: Ponte Alto Baronial Birthday

> > > The second one will be in 2000. 2000 is also a leap year.
> > > 
> > > Corwyn
> > > 
> > ***bzzzt***  Sorry, but thank you for playing.  The year 2000
> > is not a leap year.  Every now and then they have to skip one
> > to get things back on track.  (Anyone want to better explain it?)
> Leap years occur in all years divisible by four EXCEPT when the year ends 
> in a double zero.  The year is not exactly 365 days and 6 hours long; it 
> is slightly less, so we need a leap day slightly less often.  (There is 
> also a leap second occasionally, when needed.)
> Carole

   Now the version of the story that I heard was that century years evenly
divisible by _400_ _were_ leap years (1700, 1800, and 1900 were not, 2000
will be).  If I'm wrong, blame it on Old-Timer's Disease.  :-)
   Of course the real question is:  When is the next time February 29th
falls on Saturday?