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Story Telling

Tp Corun and any other chroniclers, I would be most grateful if you ran this.

Unto all who read these words, greetings from Yaakov.

Seeing that no setting exists for the exclusive use of the noble art of
telling tales, an art most dear to me and one of the noblest and most
pleasant diversions in the world, I offer my own poor house.  I therefore
invite all story-tellers, from those of long standing to those who would try
their hand at the  art for the first time, to join me at my apartment the
*second Tuesday of every month* (i.e., not Storvik Baronial At Home) starting
at 7:30 p.m., for the purpose of story telling.  Listeners are also
encouraged to attend, since though the mouth may speak, if the ear does not
hear no story is told.  The first Story Telling Open House will be at 7:30
p.m. on March 14 (that is to say, right before the Jewish holiday of Purim).

Directions:  From the Beltway, get on Rt 29 North (Colesville Rd).  Go north
about 3 miles.  You will go up a hill and see a large apartment complex
ahead.  (This is called the Point.  I live here.)  You will come to a light
at Prelude, which is a left turn only.  Go one more block and make a right
onto Oak Leaf.  Make a left into the parking lot.  If the first gate is
closed, go down Oak Leaf to the main gate.  If asked tell them you are
visiting Harold Feld in Building 11235 Apt. #817.

The parking lot is a circle.  Once in the circle, follow it clockwise until
you get to building 11235.  Park anywhere.  We are in apartment #817.  

For more information, contact Mar  Yaakov HaMizrachi (Harold Feld) at
301-681-7860.  Do NOT call after 10 p.m.

In service to Atlantia and the art of story telling.