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Re: Re (1): Dim Lighting in the Tavern

Hi Yseabeau, 

> I think it would be delightful to gather together to meet.    Might a small 
> Tavern Sign, posted in a corner of the central hall be sufficient to draw us 
> together?  I should think so.  I volunteer to create it, tho' if one or more 
> good gentles wishes to colaborate on this project I welcome the creative 
> assistance.

The sign, obviously, would be a red heraldic rose, with a yellow center 
charged with a simily :-) sable, on its side, of course.  Now if Evan or 
Herveus could just blazon that correctly.

> Lift you cups one and all!  So, will it be "Aye,"  or "Nay"  from those in 
> attendence?

Might be a little Dane-gerous for me, but I am willing to attend.