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Re: Let's divide Atlantia into three Principalities

Galmr Jarl Ingolfsson wrote:

> > I'm sorry Alexii, I think it is a little early to be holding a polling, 
> > even one as informal as a polling of the Merry Rose and Cheapside must by 
> > nature be.  But I'll keep your comments in mind.
> > 
> > Leifr
> > 
> BZZZZZZT!  I think that smacks too much of censorship on your part Leifr.
> We know you are commited 110% to the principality issue but, if you want to
> do any moderation of discussion with any pretense to integrity at all, you
> are going to have to at least pretend to tolerate opposing views.  
> I for one think it is a fine time to get the pulse of the issue from those
> on the net before we start talking pros/cons or implementation issues.
Gentle patrons of the Merry Rose at Cheapside, let me remind you that we 
are not the Royal Curia of Atlantia, nor even a representative proportion 
of the populace of the Kingdom.  I have brought this issue before you to 
solicite your comments and advice, weight your opinions, deal with such 
problems as you expound, and thereby create a viable proposal for 
creating principalities in Atlantia which will serve the purposes I think 
they should.  Alexii's not wanting a principality is more then 
outweighted by the many people I have spoken to who do wish to create a 
northern principality.  I give his position the merit it deserves, as I 
do Baron Achbar's (it was a private post), Jarl Galmr's, and Gregory of 
Isenfir's.  Still many others, it seems, want to see this discussion 
move forward.

I am not inclined to change the pattern of this discussion (sorry Tadhg 
etal) nor am I ready to conduct a straw polling (one must be ware of the 
strawman people, after all ;-)).

I hope, over this weekend, that individuals from the proposed southern 
and middle principalities will take the time to consider this idea 
particularly, and speak to the suggestion.  Making a positive comment 
will not mean that you are forever forced to be in favor of the 
principality idea.  (making a negative comment doesn't mean you're damned 
to be ever against principalities, either).

Next week, probably Tuesday, I will sum up what I have seen so far, and 
begin the discussion on the need for principalities, as I originally 

In service and begging your patience in this and all things
Leifr Johansson