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Real Timekeeping

Greetings uto all,
In light of the recent discussion on leap years, leap seconds, orbits,
rotations, and years divisible by pi, I propose my own system of timekkeping,
which so far, has proven to be outstandingly accurate.

When it gets cold, it's winter.
When it's hot, it's summer.
When it's getting colder, its (not autumn) getting near winter.
When it's getting hotter, its (you guessed it) getting near summer.
When it's dark, it's bedtime.  The sun's asleep, so why arren't you?
When the sun rises, get up.
When you're hungry, its meal time.
When you're dirty, its bath time

This system has worked perfectly well thus far for me.  Although I will
willingly accept any changes that would make my calendar more accurate.



"Here lies, extinguished in his prime,
A victim of modernity.
Yesterday he hadn't time,
Now he has eternity."